ENG All About Jazz, Glenn Astarita (jul.2005)

This Italian modern jazz quartet led by pianist Giancarlo Tossani enjoys investigating a multitude of contrasts, evidenced by a few hard-bop pieces, but more so during the slower tempo pieces. Essentially, the band sports a wily and at times, gritty disposition amid oscillating flows and variances in pitch.
Reedman Achille Succi’s bass clarinet work provides a complementary edge to Tossani’s animated progressions and probing lyricism. The quartet’s take on Ornette Coleman’s “Beauty Is a Rare Thing,” emits an ECM Records aesthetic, featuring Succi’s Jan Garbarek-type, yearning sax lines and plaintive cries. And while there are a few superfluous movements, kudos are in order for the artists’ synergistic output and ability to capitalize on each other’s strengths. To that end, they often delve inward during many of these pieces, where cunning dialogues, diminutive phrasings and climactic opuses translate into more than just a few attention-grabbing propositions.

*** Sorry, we like it !!! (Synapser & Auand)