ENG Bird is the Worm, Dave Sumner (jan.2013)

This a good example of why it’s not such a good idea to judge a book by its opening chapter. Guitarist Francesco Diodati opens Need Something Strong with a perfectly acceptable modern guitar piece, but nothing that would distinguish it from the crowd. But then the second track, “Struggle,” utilizes some subtle looping and effects to create a droning undercurrent, and the hop and bop of the previous track has settled into a smoother ride. Then third track “Loop Bed” brings the acoustic guitar to the mix, and effects are more evident, and the band adopts a gentle sway that holds even when the volume rises. This kind of pattern continues through this engaging album, cycling through compositions that feature modern fusion, post-bop, and doses of an Italian Jazz sound that behaves as a concoction of Nordic ambient and regional Italian folk. Generalized, it’s a lively type of dreamy music. And Diodati’s pattern of featuring these different sounds keeps the ear perpetually wondering what’s coming next, and the repeated motifs provide some welcome, familiar resting points. Good stuff, and very worth exploring.