ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (aug.2008)

Although I hadn’t heard of the Roberto Cecchetto before this, I know is bassist Giovanni Maier from his work with Zeno De Rossi, Stefano Battaglia and as well as his own disc called ‘Turtle Song’ from last year. Drummer Michele Rabbia has worked also with Stefano Barttaglia, as well as Salvatore Bonafede (Cam Jazz) and Pasquale Innarella (Rai Trade). “Where are You” opens and reminds me of a more straight ahead sounding Bill Frisell, with some tasty jazz guitar slightly rocking out. “Uptown” features spooky loops of bowed bass and eerie guitar sounds. “Do It” has a bluesy groove with cool acoustic guitar and bits of funky wah-wah guitar. I dig the way the guitar and percussion are looped and used selectively on Oslo Hotel”. While the bass plays a slow groove, the guitar and drums swirl around one another, with eerie samples mysteriously gliding by. Roberto has a unique way of layering his guitar parts but never using too many notes or sounds, creating evocative landscapes that are often haunting. “Downtown” actually does remind me of the way Marc Ribot often epitomizes the “downtown sound” by adding layers of eclectic guitar parts into a swirling mass while keeping a central theme/thread that holds it all together. It is always nice to hear some of our Italian brothers dipping into the “downtown” aesthetic and doing it so successfully. If Bill Frisell would’ve strolled down the path of creativity instead of the path of mediocrity or at least inconsistency, this is where he might have ended up.