ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (aug.2008)

A few years ago, I hadn’t heard of the great trombone player, Gianluca Petrella. When I heard his first disc on the Auand label, “X-Ray,” I was completely knocked out. So was everyone I played it for over the past year. It turns out that Petrella also has a couple of fine discs out on Blue Note US & Blue Note Italy, which we just got in stock for the first time. This new trio disc is very different from Petrella’s first disc on Auand. Pianist Antonello Salis is another diverse musician who has worked with Evan Parker and has two duo discs with Paolo Angeli and Nana Vasconcelos. Downtown all-star drummer, composer and multi-bandleader, Bobby Previte, is way too diverse and creative to list here since we know and dig what he does so much.
“Landscape” opens with eerie echoplex trombone, stark and suspense-filled piano and drums. “Control Freak” features Bobby’s pounding and precise drums in the center with the trombone played through some strange effects. I dig when Previte just layers his sly drum parts into a swirling mass like he does on “PM,” letting the electric piano and trombone slowly add their parts on top. The title piece sounds like the type of song that Bobby wrote for The President or his own records in the late 80’s/early 90’s. A great drum groove with a powerful trombone part on top and selective tack piano spinning around the groove. I dig the explosive sounds on “The Battle of Cannae” with some remarkable piano by Salis, burning ‘bone from Petrella and ferocious drums by Previte. On each piece the trio switches instruments or roles or parts to keep things interesting throughout. There are a great deal of surprises in store here we never know which direction the trio will take next.