ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (aug.2008)

Although guitarist Miles Okazaki is currently based in NY, I hadn’t heard of him until recently and was much impressed by a recent solo offering on yet another fine Italian label. I certainly haven’t heard of Gaetano Partipilo before this but drummer & tabla player, Dan Weiss, is another rising star on the downtown scene, a diverse and in-demand musician. “12 in Sogliano” has one of the great M-Base grooves with smokin’ alto sax from Gaetano and tight, swirling guitar and drums interplay supporting and pushing him. In the second half of this piece, the Gaetano puts his sax through some device and starts twisting it into odd shapes without overdoing it. On “Celluloide,” the trio drifts around one another in intricate swirls, quite nicely done, elegant. I like the way “Dave Moss” slowly builds from a more restrained beginning. Miles takes a great solo that glides and soars gracefully, getting quicker as it goes. Gaetano’s sax follows the same route by spinning more and more quickly and then adding some shifting effects. On the title track, the trio slowly build things up and then gently glide back down, the interplay is subtle yet demanding. I dig the way these piece build and slowly shift and turn themselves inside out, as the piece move through different sections. Intricate, yet seemingly effortless. At least that’s the way it sounds. An excellent trio that just keeps getting better each time I check this out.