ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (jun.2019)

Oddly enough, none of the names of the fellows in this quartet, Satoyama, a found in my own Italian Jazz database. Hmmmm. The title of this disc, “Magic Forest”, and the cover image of a bridge into a cave in a mountain give this a more prog-like image. The opening piece is somber, moody and filled with suspense. The music on the next song is charming and reminds me more of Stereolab but a bit further out with tasty trumpet from Luca Benedetto. Cuong Vu like?!? Nope, too sunny. The music does have a rather dreamy quality. At one point, the guitarist plays a Steve Hackett-like soft sustained tone solo which is charming. There are songs here which evoke the spirit of being in a desert, like a tumbleweed or ghost. The vibe here is more about creating a mood rather than doing very many solos. What I do like about this disc is that it is often very laid back, somber, quietly haunting in its own way. Although the quartet has the instrumentation of a jazz group, they sound more like a subdued rock band.