ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (may.2010)

Considering that I don’t really know the members of the trio except for the appearance of bassist Borghini on another Auand CD by the Domino Quartet, I shouldn’t be too surprised since everything (some 22 discs) I’ve heard on this Italian label has been pretty great so far. There appears to be a wealth of great young musicians coming out of Italy for the past decade plus. Thanks to newer labels like El Gato Rojo, Nubop, Rai Trade, Long Song and Amirani, dozens of these musicians are now documented.
Chant is/are a strong improvised, keyboard fronted trio that cover many bases. All three members contribute to the overall sound and direction and you never know what direction their pieces evolve into. “Mach” features some twisted electric keyboards, scary yet spirited synth taht keep changing its sound throughout. In some way, Chant remind me of Japanese jazz/rock power trio Altered States who also improvise & who each other so well that they sound as if they are playing structures pieces at times. Each deals with a different dynamic or vibe or structure. “Hold Old Wine” sounds like a jazz piano trio piece for acoustic instruments with some subtle, spacey electric keyboards added towards the last section and even an ELP-like synth part before it closes. Although executive producer Marco Valente compared Chant to MMW, they really don’t deal with any funky or much jazz references, making what they do more surprising and still consistently engaging. each piece shifts through unexpected twists and turns. This is a most impressive debut from a trio that is hard to peg or figure out. Another unexpected delight from the fine folks at Auand.