ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (may.2014)

Unlike the other half dozen disc from the Auand label that I’ve reviewed today (5/29/14), the members of this quartet are each on several other discs from the El Gallo Rojo and Auand labels. Saxist Francesco Bigoni is especially busy and can be found on more than two dozen discs that we list in our database. The writing and playing here is extremely well done: tight, spirited and complex. Each piece goes through a variety of changes with intricate shifting in dynamics and structure. Bassist Ponticelli sounds swell whether playing acoustic or electric bass, the interplay between his arco bass anf Mr. Diodati’s guitar is one of the highlights of this disc. There a couple of odd covers on this disc as well from very different sides of the coin: a Nirvana cover and “Brilliant Corners” by Thelonious Monk. Both are well played and show that most of us can appreciate numerous genres no matter what marketing knuckleheads think. What is interesting is that a few of these songs are laid back yet there is a good deal of inventive playing going on, on a more subtle level. This disc will take a while to fully fathom everything that is great about it. More is revealed each time I play it.