ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (may.2017)

Featuring Piero Bitollo Bon on alto sax, flute & clarinets, Filippo Vignato on trombone, Glauco Bendetti on tuba & bari horn, Alfonso Santimone on piano and Andrea Grillini on drums. Over the last few years, saxist Piero Bittolo Bon has appeared on more than a dozen discs as a leader or collaborator, mostly on the El Gallo Rojo label. Bittolo also has a band called Jump the Shark and has worked with Peter Evans & Jamaaladeen Tacuma. Both the Auand and El Gallo Rojo labels, which Bittolo records for diverse and unpredictable labels. Mr. Bittolo wrote all but one song here with a cover by Henry Threadgill. The piece has some mighty fine arrangements for the flute and trombone, stripped down and simmering sublimely. For “Spice Girls from Arrakis”, there is a most hypnotic repeating line on the piano at the center with sly harmonies for the trombone and alto sax. This music is quite cerebral, stripped down yet somehow complex in its own quirky way. What this reminds me of the most is the way Tim Bern’e pieces repeat and slowly evolve, with restrained yet somehow feisty solos popping up when you least expect them. Mr. Bon actually tastes a few burning Berne-like solos throughout. Trombonist, Filippo Vignato, is also in fine form, taking a number of short yet sizzling solos. Mr. Bittolo Bon does a great job of keeping this tight quintet to jump through several hoops, sometimes getting closer to fire below so watch out! An outstanding release on several levels at once, so don’t miss out!