ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (may.2008)

Featuring Paolo Sorge on guitar & electronics, Michel Godard on tuba and Francesco Cusa on drums & percussion. Once again the consistently inspired Auand label from Italy introduces to some new musicians well worth hearing. I had never heard of either Paolo Sorge or Francesco Cusa, before this disc, however I do know tuba wiz, Michel Godard, from his work with Rabih Abou-Khahlil, Sylvie Courvoisier and Louis Sclavis.
This disc is unique tribute to Thelonius Monk with the trio covering just the songs of Monk with only the opening and closing pieces by Mr. Sorge. The opening piece is a spirited freer work for crafty drums and intense jazz/rock guitar with tuba just used as occasional punctuation. Monk’s “I Mean You” is next and the melody is played by the tuba with Paolo altering his guitar into odd fragments while the drums just play a skeletal rhythm. On “Evidence,” the drums spin quickly while the guitar and tuba play the melody in their own strange way. Michel plays in high flying tuba solo while Paolo plays dreamy chords underneath.