ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (nov.2011)

Three guys named Francesco in the same quartet? Only in Italy! During the Auand Fest here in NYC last week (early November of 2011), Mr. Diodati played a fine duo here at DMG. Which was great since I had heard of this talented man before this. Mr. Diodati writes songs in the post-bop vein and is a most gifted guitarist. Mr. Bigoni has a strong, warm and spirited tone on his tenor and sounds inspired throughout this disc. Both of these cats take great solos throughout.
The title track starts as a feisty jazz/rocker yet moves through some more laid back sections. Although Diodati often has a jazz tone, he also uses some selective devices to twist his solos into alien detours when you least expect it and often at a low volume. Diodati also plays some sublime acoustic guitar on a couple of these songs showing that he a master of subtle elegance as well. What is interesting is that even though Mr. Diodati writes those memorable melodies, he also writes some complex interactive parts for the rest of the quartet.
Many of these songs have more going on beneath the sunny surface that you might imagine at first. I look forward to see what Diodati and his crew come up with next time around. A most impressive debut from a new generation of young masters.