ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (nov.2011)

At first glance or listen, this sounds like a laid back jazz/rock effort. Mr. Francesca adds layers of eerie electronics and strange (vocal) samples to what sounds like a shrewd pop groove tune.
Sometimes the layers of samples sound like they are about to take over everything else in the mix but then they back to that somber groove.
This is not a jazz disc but it is impressive and unpredictable nonetheless. On “Risveglio” Giovanni strums his acoustic guitar quickly while the acoustic bass plays sympathetically underneath and the violin sails on top like angels singing in the clouds. The drummer plays faster and faster yet the songs remains calm in the center. Odd and completely unique. This disc sounds like the record that Bill Frisell has been trying to make for years but always comes up short.
There was a time in the late sixties when bands like the Byrds had evolved enough that they came up with ideas that were progressive or ahead of their time at the very least. This magic disc blends roots rock with Van Dyke Parks-like arrangements or something close by.
Immensely fresh and inventively psychedelic.. The missing link between long distant eras.