ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (nov.2011)

This appears to be another young quintet, none of whom we know previously. The instrumentation of soprano sax, acoustic guitar, bass and two percussionists is certainly unique but seems to work. Mr. Ayassot loves to write songs which are elegant, restrained and nimbly played. “Erba” starts with just somber acoustic guitar and soft, supportive acoustic bass. Both percussionists play sublime rhythms on hand percussion only. Although it is their saxist who wrote all of their material, it is the guitarist who often starts off the songs and is often the central player to most of the arrangements. The main composer does take most of the solos (on sax) but he is not often the player who the songs are based upon. Acoustic bassist Stefano Risso is also featured on a number of these songs and sounds great as the churning fuel underneath shifting rhythms of the band. Stefano starts off “Barbasso” with plaintive somber bass before the soprano comes in.
This music often has a sort of Latin vibe due to the gracious chords of the guitarist and the stripped down rhythm of the percussionists.
The soprano sax sounds like it was recorded in a large live room with a bit of spacious ambiance. Another tasty morsel from the fine folks at the Auand label.