ENG DownBeat, Ken Micallef (oct.2010)

What a delightfully strange journey Bobby Previte has traveled. Forever composing and drumming as if he’s the sideshow to a futuristic New Orleans brothel, his music has always danced— make that pounced—around the edges of civilized music society. The dude just enjoys poking his finger into people’s faces, whether he’s driving a stop/start Cuban beat, composing a mad duet for trombone and bari sax, painting a sci-fi soundtrack, or dripping lush, noirish notes on an unsuspecting passerby’s head.
Pan Atlantic features trombone genius Gianluca Petrella in a quintet well suited to Previte’s unique arrangements. The compositions flow naturally one into the other, “Deep Lake’s” free-ish dawn excursion slowly amping up to “Stay On Path,” a rhythmically adventurous track that simmers as trombone and bari sax frolic like battling comedians. “Destruction Layer” resembles a parade march for space aliens; “Question Mark” recalls Don Ellis’ ghostly soundtrack to The French Connection (or perhaps Joe Farrell’s Moon Germs), all rumbling electric piano and swollen trombone.
Regarding Previte’s inventive worldview, my comments from a 2007 DownBeat column still hold true: “It’s as if Previte … is stuck in a NASA probe, absorbing and deflecting 50 years of space jazz, Zappa-esque absurdities and Tiki bar refuse, often [within] a swirling, Bitches Brew cocktail. The grooves bump and spill like a waste dump spewing toxicities, Previte smashing his floor tom one second, laying out a saucy burlesque beat the next, making love to a sizzle cymbal elsewhere.”