ENG Echoes, Kevin Le Gendre (mar.2004)

Groove and lyricism to go. Perhaps Binney’s fine writing and arranging on his solo sets such as South and Balance as well as albums by Lan Xang have somewhat distracted attention from his alto playing. Listening to this set I’d say that it’s probably never sounded stronger, there is a fine blend of finesse and attack in both Binney’s phrasing and tone, it’s kind of Jan Garbarek meets Charlie Mariano. In Hirshfield he has a partner of equal drive and lightness of touch, his incisive yet finely controlled backbeat and snapping snare placing him on a similar plane to Jim Black, Bobby Previte and Tom Rainey. Touching on anything from funk to drum & bass to rolling bop, the dynamic duo create a personal, highly engaging world of sound to which Binney’s vivid electronic colours add a great deal. An energetic power surge, full of dionysian dynamism from what sounds like a lot more than two musicians.
* * * *