ENG EJazzNews, Glenn Astarita (jun.2011)

Mr. Rencore is an Italian band that arms itself with a futuristic methodology, especially with the addition of revered American alto saxophonist Tim Berne imparting his estimable faculties. Brilliant minds think alike as they say, and with this multifarious 2011 release, the program adheres to a slash and burn format spanning numerous angles, deviations, and electrifying improvisational forays.
With pounding rock beats, steely bass lines and fluid passages, the band rivals the intensity of a heavyweight boxing match. Here, Berne and baritone electric guitarist Gabrio Baldacci whirl through an abundance of high-impact improvisational episodes and off-kilter detours. However, one of the more notable aspects of this release pertains to the musicians’ divergent approach, where odd-metered breakdowns occasionally morph into reconstructions of primary themes.
The musicians impart a jazz-fusion climate spiced with experimental jazz; shaded with loops and EFX treatments. No doubt, they abide by a deterministic modus operandi amid high-flying sojourns. For instance, the piece titled “Hurricane” serves as an apt description of a setting that conveys mother- nature at its angriest to also complement the calm after the storm mindset. Abetted by Berne’s popping lower register notes and Baldacci’s steamy licks, the quartet aligns unusual voicings via quivering progressions and bizarre electronics effects.
“Intollerant” communicates a restless but inventive musical spirit. Structured, tight, and contrasted with a loose groove free-form mode, the ensemble pulls out the proverbial stops throughout this often-excitable and immensely appealing set.