ENG Jazzreview.com, Glenn Astarita (jan.2005)

Tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Francesco Bearzatti aligns with fellow Italian musicians and French organist Emmanuel Bex for a somewhat variable, modern jazz set. Highly regarded jazz stars, trumpeter Enrico Rava and drummer Aldo Romano also partake in the activities here.
As a woodwind artist Bearzatti possesses a warm tone, augmented by a slight rasp. More importantly, the artist indulges in a potpourri of musical styles, such as tiptoe-like waltzes, Italian folk and breezy Bossa Nova grooves. On the piece “End of this Love,” electric guitarist Enrico Terragnoli cranks it up, where the overall sound might spin something like, Led Zeppelin taking on the modern jazz idiom. However, the musicians also engage in briskly arranged bop grooves and much more. Needless to say, this is an extremely vibrant and well-rounded program. The ensemble packs a mighty punch; while Bearzatti tempers the flow down with feathery clarinet lines atop Romano’s rolling toms work on “From Haleb to Damascus.” To that end, this set provides yet another glowing snapshot of the Italian jazz scene’s forward thinking impetus.