ENG Jazzwise, Robert Shore (may.2010)

This US trio (Talmor came to Brooklyn via Israel and Switzerland) has been together since 2008, when it recorded the first half of this disc live at the Xopana Jazz Festival on Madeira; the rest was assembled in the studio in New York in 2009. The title track begins with a scampering, winding line from Swallow on electric bass, quickly supplemented by Nussbaum’s scuttling, sparring brushwork and finally joined by Talmor’s parping sax: on this busy opener, it sounds as though all three players are trying to negotiate the same busy traffic crossing, but with each coming at this common point from a different direction. Next up, the sweetly serenading and characteristically spacious “Three Two You” changes the mood instantly, showing off the trio’s cool jazz tendencies as they fall into easy unison. “Adam and Steve” comes on like a series of rhythm-section zeros and ones, a piece of digital tickertape that sounds as though it might go on forever but actually comes to a swift halt after 44 seconds – the players are ever ready to give a wide berth to ant easy-on-the-ear melodic solution that seems to offer itself too readily – check out the splendidly rebarbative, swaggering, stumbling “Here Comes Everybody”.