ENG The New York City Jazz Record, John Sharpe (jan.2012)

[…] on Italian guitarist Walter Beltrami’s Paroxysmal Postural Vertigo, Black is in his element, belaying all manner of sources in an impudent clatter. Based around aurally portraying the effects of vertigo, which suddenly afflicted Beltrami out of the blue, the guitarist successfully hints at the disjuncts and instability such a condition imposes through ten tight, fast-changing, sometimes portentous, sometimes catchy arrangements. There’s no grandstanding and the allstar cast is readily subservient to Beltrami’s tunes. Vincent Courtois’ cello wails like an additional horn alongside Francesco Bearzatti’s energetic tenor saxophone and clarinet while Stomu Takeishi’s pliant rubbery electric bass meshes well with Black to create a swirling maelstrom on “Lilienthal”. With his imaginative use of rock idioms, the leader has created an exciting set packed with visceral thrills.