ENG The New York City Jazz Record, Tom Greenland (jun.2011)

Alto saxophonist Tim Berne’s supple, chameleonic style blends in well with diverse sonic environments; on two recent releases he matches his colors to distorted electric guitars and rock-influenced rhythms.
Mr. Rencore, a Livorno, Italy-based trio of guitarist/bassist Gabrio Baldacci, drummer Daniele Paoletti and reedman Beppe Scardino, enlists Berne’s talents on Intollerant, which features Baldacci’s heavy-hitting, riff-driven original tunes and a couple of collective improvisations.
The low-end rumble of the baritone guitar and baritone sax (or bass clarinet) leaves the entire middle and upper registers of the aural spectrum open for Berne’s soaring alto, a freedom he takes full advantage of on the title track, displaying his quirky melodicism and fractured ‘post-postbop’ style, and later when he breaks into a song-like lead on “Book B”. In spite of his distinctive signature, Berne is arguably most effective when heard in the context of others, as evidenced by the title track and especially the closing improv, where his meandering lines, whispered tones and slapped- reed sound effects merge seamlessly with the acoustic whole. Individual tracks transition from turbo-charged beats through ethereal electronic musings, as on “Hurricane”, where a punk-ish “Salt Peanuts” figure alternates with a wistful bridge, or on the following cut, which morphs suddenly from funk to a vacuous electronic pastiche that sounds like the scraping wheels of a subway train echoing down the tunnel. The album’s dynamic curve arches and dips gracefully making for a highly creative and listenable outing.