ENG daily.bandcamp.com, Dave Sumner (dec.2019)

It wouldn’t quite be an accurate reflection of the holidays without a sarcastic reminder of how commercialized things can get, and this quartet of musicians from the Auand Records label are here for that role. With song titles like “All I Want For Christmas is Fake” and “Jingle Sells,” they mix plenty of sarcasm in with their music. And this whimsical approach isn’t that far removed from the way these musicians (as with many of the musicians who contribute to Auand Records releases) simultaneously embrace and skewer the idea of what jazz is and how it’s viewed. Their electro-acoustic sound is just as likely to rock as it is to bop, just as willing to stomp as swing. And if you want to explore more music from the Auand family, check out the fun Live in Pisa.