ENG DMG Newsletter, Bruce Lee Gallanter (may.2014)

All of the pieces on this disc were written by Mr. Lombardini or Mr. Porta. This is yet another Auand debut in which I hadn’t heard of any of the members before this disc although their drummer, Mr. Burgwinkel, can be found on several discs from the Konnex and Pirouet labels. The writing and sound of the two horns together gives this band a strong, warm, charming sound. Electric bassist Lombardini also has a fine, ringing tone on his bass and is the central figure to most of these pieces. The bassist also seems to using some devices to give his bass a synth-like tone but not in a cheesy way. Although this band is a bit more radio-friendly in sound, the playing by both horns is consistently creative. It is the arrangements which stand out since the solos are kept to a minimum.