Cyclic Signs, il release party del disco di debutto di Enrico Morello

Enrico Morello - Cyclic Signs (Teaser)

Matteo Bortone - "No Land's" - Release Party, hosted by Thomas Conrad!

Giovanni Cigui - Rock - Teaser

The Auanders - Eternal (feat. Sara Battaglini)

The Auanders - Francesco Ponticelli

The Auanders - Michele Tino

The Auanders - Filippo Vignato

The Auanders - What Are You Sinking About (feat. Francesco Bearzatti)

The Auanders - Mirko Cisilino

The Auanders - Francesco Diodati

The Auanders - Text(Us) - Teaser

Luca Flores INNOCENCE (teaser)

Massimiliano Milesi OOFTH (TEASER #2)

Massimiliano Milesi OOFTH (TEASER #1)

Vittorio Solimene "Urlo Piano" Teaser

What is Auand Days? (residenza artistica, Bisceglie, 2017) directed by Stefano Risso

YLYNE - Serial Red (Live Set)

Mirko Signorile Trio Trip "The Red Dot" (Auand)

Luca Sguera AKA - And We Found Ourselves Talking Machine Language [Videoclip]

Francesco Diodati "Never The Same" (Auand, 2019) TEASER

Francesco Diodati Yellow Squeeds Live @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam (NL)

Luca Sguera AKA (teaser)

Drive! LIVE in London (+ 3 Francesco's)

Mirko Signorile - Indigo Garden (Trio Trip)